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Our new state-of-the-art, advanced tuning center features a Mustang EC997 Series eddy current motorcycle chassis dynamometer which allows us to take motorcycle performance tuning to the next level. 

We use the industry’s most advanced electronics and Dynamic Load Control technology, featuring precision closed-loop torque feedback.

Our Mustang Dynamometer allows us to measure the horsepower and torque delivered to the rear wheel and check the air/fuel mixture using an Exhaust Gas Analyzer. Our Technician will use this information to tune the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing for maximum performance. Using the dynamometer we can actually see if the adjustments increased performance and by exactly how much. This takes the guesswork out of tuning. 

Baseline Dyno Run: $150.00

Baseline runs check air/fuel ratio, torque and horsepower for your current engine configuration.

In addition, recommendations for engine performance enhancements and a complete printout showing the results of your Dyno run are provided.

​​Full Dyno Tune: $300.00

Let one of our certified dyno technicians bring out the true potential of your motorcycle. 

Whether you choose a simple baseline run, or are looking to tune your machine to it's fullest potential, you can trust  Tidewater Motorcycles to get the job done!

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